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About the Network

The brain. It is your most important organ and the most complex. It is also irreplaceable.

Healthy habits can protect, even enhance, the brain. Eating right. Rest. Exercise. Protective gear. All are essential to a well-functioning brain. Yet, millions of Canadians are affected by a brain condition. Many are incurable. Others have limited or no known treatment. But progress is being made.

Year of the Brain 2015 was organized to help raise awareness of the challenges faced by those living with a brain condition, their families, caregivers and health care professionals, across Southwestern Ontario, and beyond.

Initially the idea of three community organizations – Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada, Brain Injury Association of London and Region, and Dale Brain Injury Services, Year of the Brain 2015 provided these organizations with a platform to explore new services, pursue better treatments, and gain a better understanding of the resources available.

The Brain Health Network now encompasses 16 partner organizations. We invite you to get involved in promoting Brain Health. Please visit our Partners page for more informaiton on our partner organizations or check out our Service Listings and Events.